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Does this sound like You? 

What do You Want to Change words letter,
  • You were diagnosed recently.... and you're wondering 'now what'?
    You want to understand what this means going forward You want to nip this in the bud right away but you're not sure where to begin You want to learn how to manage your symptoms and remove the limitations You want to feel good again and as soon as possible You want to explore what resources and treatment options are be available to you You want to learn how to better manage your time and stress You aren't quite sure how to explain your new diagnosis to your family or friends
  • You're so tired of living the way you have been...
    You were diagnosed several months or years ago You want to feel good again You want to learn how to better manage your symptoms You wish you knew how to be more active without having to 'pay the price' for it! You're ready to try new ways of going about your life's activities You want to explore different resources and treatment options that might help you better or in addition to those you've found helpful so far
  • Your body seems to be reacting to everything...
    You want to feel better again You wish you knew what changes you need to make to not feel sick so often You don't know if you have allergies or sensitivities - what's the difference? Conventional medications aren’t an option for you, so you want to explore other treatment options to properly and safely address your own health needs, so you can feel better again
  • You don’t know how to explain your situation to people
    You wish people understood what you go through every day You wish you knew how to clearly explain your feelings and needs You wish that people would offer their support rather than their judgement You don't want to feel guilty anymore, like you're always letting people down You're not sure how to handle your workplace: you don't know what your options are. Do you tell your boss or HR? Can they accommodate your current limitations in such a way that will help you keep working? etc.
  • You need support to follow your doctor's treatment plan
    You wish you had someone to explain the ins and outs of your treatment plan or diet, etc. You like your healthcare practitioner, but your visits seem brief, and you always have more questions to ask than time will allow You need support, encouragement, and prove tools and methods to make and keep the changes recommended in your treatment plan You wish you had an accountability buddy, that would help you stay on top of the changes you want/need to make If you only had someone to observe all the wonderful changes you're making along the way... maybe you would feel more encouraged to continue
  • You feel uncomfortable asking for what you need
    You feel so vulnerable right now that the thought of advocating for yourself seems impossible It's very challenging/intimidating for you to discuss your health needs with your healthcare practitioner(s), or your workplace, or others The brain-fog and exhaustion get in the way of clearly expressing your limitations, needs and concerns You feel you need help to understand how to navigate the medical system where you live You feel like you have no control over the care that you're receiving. It's not working well for you, but nobody seems to be listening to you when you try explaining things to them You want to apply / or your application for Long Term Disability pension has been declined, and you don't know what/how to do now
Whether you were diagnosed recently or some time ago, living with complex health needs can feel overwhelming to the best of us. The good news is that it doesn't have to stay that way!

When you invite me on your health and recovery journey, I can help you regain your sense of wellbeing, by using proven and effective tools to better manage your stress, your time, and your responsibilities, even your relationships, while improving your health, working with your healthcare team, and much more... 

Click the button below to book your 60-minute complimentary consultation. I look forward to meeting you soon!
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I have been working with Gisèle for the past few years. She has become a tremendous support for those times when I felt the world was crashing in on me with uncertainties. I have not come across anyone who is as caring, compassionate and inspiring as Gisèle . She always has a tender approach to encourage you to explore options that may help improve your quality of life while seeking fresh answers to complex health that has it's challenges. Thanks Gisèle for helping me when I need clarity to keep moving forward. You are a tremendous blessing.  - M.A.S., R.N., BSN

I have experienced incredible results from working with Gisèle. The past two years, I've been going through a hard time with my health, my marriage and my kids leaving home. With Gisèle's help, I am able to find myself again and start a new life. She has a very soft voice, a gentle approach and lots of patience."

Y. L.  

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