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Health coaching with Gisèle McDiarmid

Hi, I'm Gisèle



Hello and welcome, I am Gisèle McDiarmid, a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach®, registered licenced  health coach and seasoned registered nurse with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I am so glad you are here and I would like to meet you because I understand the challenges you have had to face due to your health issues. Like you, I have also lived with fibromyalgia for over 30 years. As is often the case with fibromyalgia, and this may be true for you as well, I also live with some of fibromyalgia's comorbid chronic illnesses. For me, these are multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), and two autoimmune conditions called Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and pernicious anemia.

The frustration and overwhelm that you have probably felt trying to cope with the symptoms of your illness, or having tried several strategies and treatments that offered little relief or maybe even worsened your symptoms, I can relate to first-hand. I know the feeling of walking that long and isolating path with no end in sight.


Through working with my own coach and finding the therapies that worked best for me, once I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my health began to thrive and I have been enjoying my life again! I wish the specialized coaching programs that I offer today had been available to me back when I needed it. It would have helped me save precious years on my health, resources, and time. Realizing this was possible to live symptoms-free, I became passionate to help others achieve the same for themselves. This is the kind of help and support that I now offer today.

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Empowered  to Thrive

Signature Health & Wellness

Coaching Program

15 transformateur

séances de coaching

plus de 5 mois

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A free consultation is a good opportunity to determine whether we would be a

great fit!  

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Reclaiming Your Health

Health & Wellness

Coaching Program

9 transformative

coaching sessions

over 3 months

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La formule Liberté pour la fibromyalgie : votre chemin vers la santé et le bien-être

An Exciting NEW

Group Coaching Program

over 3 months

Thanks to Gisèle's knowledgeable, compassionate, empowering, and holistic coaching approach, I've learned how to be in the driver's seat again! She gently guided me on the path toward improving my symptoms, finding the right treatment options, and making the lifestyle changes I needed to make. I'm also much kinder to myself now. Not only do I feel in control now, but my symptoms have all improved. My energy has gone up, I feel better, and my pain is down. Things are going well again at work and I was even able to go paddleboarding twice this month already! My life is just so much better now!"

- S.B., Fibromyalgia, Colorado

Travailler avec Gisèle m'a donné un refuge où je me suis sentie totalement soutenue, entendue, validée et réconfortée. Ses conseils ont toujours été positifs, doux et attentionnés. Elle m'a aidée à retrouver ma confiance et à me sentir capable de retrouver ma santé et à apprendre ce dont j'avais besoin pour construire ma boîte à outils d'autogestion et de soins personnels. Je n'aurais jamais pensé connaître à nouveau la joie dans ma vie et je l'apprécie profondément. "

— TQ, Fibromyalgie et IMI, Californie

Thanks to Gisèle's coaching I've learned about my conditions and gained a better understanding of what I can do to feel better. I know how to care for myself in ways that make a significant difference. I’m a lot more confident now and feel that the quality of my life doesn’t have to be defined by my illnesses anymore. I can finally plan for a better future, and in fact, I’m finally able to plan for my wedding!  


- L.P., Fibromyalgia and ME/CF, California

Travailler avec Gisèle a été l'une des meilleures décisions de ma vie ! Pendant deux ans après avoir reçu un diagnostic de Covid-19 de longue durée, puis de fibromyalgie, j'ai cherché mais je n'ai pas trouvé d'aide. Par la suite, j'ai enfin retrouvé Gisèle. En seulement trois mois de son coaching, ma santé s'est tellement améliorée que je suis retourné au travail; et après sept mois, tous mes symptômes avaient disparu! Je me sens tellement chanceux de l'avoir trouvée!
— J.T., Fibromyalgie et Covid longue, Dubaï
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