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A Journey of Hope and Transformation
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I am so glad you are here!     

     Okay, in all truthfulness, when I look back at my childhood it's always with a lot of gratitude for what my parents gave me! I feel so fortunate to have grown up in a beautiful suburban ski town with a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts, who fostered in me a deep sense of awe and a personal connection with nature. From a young age, they planted the seeds that would allow me to thrive in a wide variety of outdoor sports, year-round. Even in high school, my friends and I avidly trained for cross-country ski marathons every winter weekend. I loved all of it: the smell of fresh air that surrounded Mother Nature's seasonal wardrobe change, bringing endless wonders with it and a unique sense of freedom that all amounted to pure joy to me. My parents also modeled a healthy lifestyle at home, and my mother, a Foodie ahead of her time, nurtured my budding appreciation for healthy nutrition. Not only was she an excellent cook, but our meals centered around fresh vegetables from her large organic garden, organic meats and products, and wild-caught fish. So, it only seemed natural that I would later pursue a Nursing career, because I believed it would not only support my healthy lifestyle, but also teach me how to prevent chronic illnesses.

     However, you know what they say about the best laid plans... Well, life brought its challenges soon enough as an adult! First, there was the car crash my roommate and I found ourselves in, while driving to our parents' homes for summer break from Nursing school. It wasn't our fault and we were lucky to survive, actually, given they needed the Jaws-of-Life to release us from the wreckage! To this day, I'm grateful my father urged me to get back behind the wheel immediately after my recovery, because that event never stopped me from driving. Later, my 30s involved significant stressful life events and changes over the entire decade. Trauma experts today would likely conclude that the impact of these events became stored in my body. What I do know is that after the car accident, I had noticed that I somehow seemed a bit less resilient to stress. And later, when there was more than my share of it, a steady decline in my health and well-being became undeniable. What started with unrefreshed sleep soon turned into a cascade of unstoppable health problems. I went from healthy to 'chronically acutely' ill almost overnight!


     There began the endless rounds of doctors and specialists. None of the medical and even some natural treatments didn't seem able to bring my health back again. For the next 20 years, the list of symptoms and issues grew despite constant efforts at getting things back on track. The specialists I consulted diagnosed and treated the acute symptoms, but to explain the steady decline in my health they were either stumped or dismissive. I'll also admit that trying to keep up with the demands of raising four wonderful and active children and caring for beloved aging parents with my husband, Scott, mainly felt overwhelming given the state of my health. Why had my own body betrayed me like this, when I had done everything I knew to keep it healthy?

     It didn't end there... I later became bedridden, reliant on my husband for care (thank goodness for him, his love, and compassion), quit my job and apply for disability; and when the prescribed medications made me feel even worse, this became a major turning point in my journey. Medicine had truly failed me.


     Finally rejecting the "good patient" mentality, I took matters in my own hands! I became completely open to considering any possible form of treatment out there, because something had to work and a little voice inside of me said: "This isn't how the story ends!" My research finally led to specialized clinics with health practitioners who could untangle the details and they recognized my symptoms. First, fibromyalgia was diagnosed, then multiple chemical and environmental sensitivities (MCS & ES), and finally, myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)!!!  

     At this point, still very ill but feeling empowered, I was determined to regain my health and started my new journey with a Nurse-Health Coach who taught me what "self-compassion" looks like. With her help, I was able to make my peace with a body I had come to resent over the years. I finally recognized that my body wasn't the enemy, but the illnesses were. As a Nurse and busy mom, I was also not used to putting myself first without feeling any guilt, but thankfully, my coach helped me turn that mindset around. With these powerful lessons now in this toolbox I was slowly building, my health journey was definitely headed in the right direction.


     It was also good to have the Nursing training that allowed me to interpret research studies that led to finding a combination of effective modes of treatments. My newfound knowledgeable and supportive specialists helped me embrace new and appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes that improved all of my conditions. But that wasn't all! I also found Tami Stackelhouse’s Fibromyalgia Advisor program with its powerful self-management tools and systems that further improved my symptoms greatly.

     Through trial and error, I discovered that what works for one may not work for all, and that individualized strategies and treatments are key to rebuilding our health with these invisible illnesses. Restoring my health completely transformed my life, of course! Today, I'm pain-free, I have a good level of energy, my sleep feels restorative, and I can enjoy foods, activities, and environments that I had been forced to give up for a long time. If a symptom shows up, I know how to manage it effectively so it doesn't get out of hand and doesn't last long. My husband and I love this new easier life we can now enjoy together! 


     While I might not be cured, I've learned that reclaiming your health is really possible through appropriate treatments and proven self-management methods practiced between treatments.


     It's been 7 years since my health 'crashed!" Looking back, I wish there had been a program to help me 7, 15, even 25 years ago, like the one I offer today! Unfortunately, there was none, so I had to create it myself!! Today, I see how my Signature Coaching Program helps others save decades of precious time and resources, and get back to living a life that they've been dreaming of!

    I now can enjoy a wide variety of foods, cottaging and boating, be out on the town or in the rain, and even breathe freshly cut grass without any problems again! There's a newfound sense of freedom and joy to my life once more, that maybe you would like to feel again in your own life... If you're looking for help to achieve the same level of health and wellness in your own life, there's hope!


Empowering you to thrive through transforming your health is my mission!

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Gisèle coaches clients living with fibromyalgia, multiple chemical and environmental sensitivities,

myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome, and long-Covid

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